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Can Quartz Countertops Be Repaired?

Quartz countertops are incredibly durable, thanks to their manufacturing process and mix of synthetic polymer resins and minerals. Still, getting a chip in a quartz countertop is possible if you’re not careful. So can quartz countertops be repaired?

As a top provider of countertop installation services in the Seattle, Washington area, NorthWest Stone Fabricators knows the importance of protecting your kitchen or bathroom countertops. Consider our guide below to learn what it takes to fix a damaged quartz countertop. 

can quartz countertops be repaired

How Chips Develop in Quartz Countertops

The average lifespan of quartz countertops is about 15 years, but proper maintenance can extend their longevity. Unfortunately, you can experience problems with your quartz countertops over time if you’re not careful. 

Common damage to this countertop material includes fissures, chips, cracks, and dark spots. They could occur due to sudden temperature changes, like leaving a scorching hot pan or a bag of ice directly on the countertop. You could also create chips and scratches in the quartz by tossing things onto its surface, such as your house keys and silverware or using knives to cut food on the countertop without a cutting board.

Chemical damage is another problem for quartz. Though the engineered stone is resistant to many chemicals, exposure to abrasive cleaning products containing ammonia or bleach can cause discoloration. 

How to Repair Quartz Countertops

Can quartz countertops be repaired? The short answer is yes. However, depending on the extent of the damage and whether it’s in an accessible location, contacting a professional to repair or replace the countertop may be best. If your countertop is under warranty, you should definitely call a qualified professional to assist.

For a minor chip, you can follow these steps to repair the damage yourself.

1. Gather Your Materials

You’ll need several things to repair a chip in a quartz countertop:

  • Two clean, damp cloths
  • A quartz repair kit with clear resin or a pigmented epoxy adhesive
  • A scraper or sandpaper with a fine grit

2. Inspect Your Countertop

Before trying to repair anything, you should give your countertop a good once-over to see what type of damage it has. You’ll need to use specific filling techniques for different types of damage, so this is an important step. For example, it’s best to use a thick epoxy or adhesive for vertical chips to prevent dripping, but a thinner epoxy is suitable for horizontal damage.

3. Clean the Countertop

Thoroughly clean your countertop using a damp cloth. If the countertop surface is dirty or sticky, the repair won’t be smooth, seamless, or attractive.

Use acetone or a quartz-compatible cleaner to ensure a clean surface. Allow the cleaner to dry before proceeding. 

4. Prepare the Adhesive

A quartz chip repair kit will include an adhesive or resin. Follow the instructions to mix the materials correctly. Ensure the adhesive is well-blended for the best results. 

5. Apply the Adhesive or Glue

If you have the chipped piece of quartz available, you can fill the gap in the countertop with a fast-acting glue. Use a small paintbrush to completely cover the hole without covering too much of the unaffected countertop surface. Then carefully put the chipped quartz piece back in the hole. 

You can still cover the hole in the countertop without having the missing quartz piece. Use the adhesive, epoxy, or resin from the repair kit.

Apply the material to the area using a putty knife, fill the space entirely, and level the adhesive without applying too much pressure. Pigmented epoxy adhesive is best for dark-colored quartz countertops.

6. Remove the Excess

It will take about 24 hours for the adhesive to dry. Once it dries, use a scrapper or fine-grit sandpaper to gently remove excess adhesive from the area. After sanding the countertop, use a clean cloth to remove leftover residue. 

7. Polish Your Countertop

The final step in the repair process is polishing. Use another clean cloth and a polishing compound to restore the repaired spot’s shine and smoothness. 

Turn to NorthWest Stone Fabricators for Your Quartz Countertops

Are you still wondering, “Can quartz countertops be repaired?” Repairing quartz countertops is possible with a chip repair kit, but if the damage is too severe, it’s time to contact NorthWest Stone Fabricators. 

At NorthWest Stone Fabricators, our team of highly skilled fabricators and installers specialize in natural stone countertops. We manage the installation process from start to finish, including the removal and disposal of existing countertops.

As a leading stone fabricator serving the greater Seattle, Washington area, we only use premium materials and craft products to last—call (425) 881-5100 to request an appointment with NorthWest Stone Fabricators today.

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