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How to Choose a Countertop for Your Kitchen

Modern tools allow for more extensive and detailed countertop options for lower prices. Choosing your counter material can become difficult with the wide variety of colors and options available.

NorthWest Stone Fabricators has advice on how to choose a countertop while cutting out noisy upselling. Whether you want to follow kitchen countertop trends or form your personal style, these questions can help you determine your preferred materials.

Each countertop option has their own respective pros and cons:

  • Quartz: Prone to heat damage but easy to clean and maintain
  • Granite: Requires regular sealing but durable and exceptionally beautiful
  • Natural Stone: Some require high maintenance but last for years with care
  • Marble: Less scratch and etch-resistant, but luxurious and heat-resistant
  • Laminate: Low durability and longevity but lightweight and easy to install
  • Concrete: Not as stain resistant but customizable and long-lasting
  • Dekton: Not as available as other options, but UV-resistant and durable

Many homeowners favor natural stonework due to their durability and heat-resistant qualities. While they can contain minutely radioactive elements, the EPA notes the radon levels shouldn’t rise above normal limits. You can safely keep natural materials on your preferred countertop list.

Making Your Checklist of Preferred Traits

To know how to choose a countertop material, evaluate the potential benefits based on the answers to these questions:

What Qualities Do You Want the Most?

Each option has different traits, so you likely won’t find the perfect countertops. Still, you can find the closest thing based on what you want from the material:

  • Heat resistance
  • Stain resistance
  • Maintenance requirements
  • Weight and dent resistance
  • Scratch and chip resistance

Consider the scenarios for your counters to find the more beneficial options. For example, if you cook on the stove or with the oven often, look for a more heat-resistant material.

What’s Your Long-Term Budget?

Countertop cutouts come per square foot, so the more counter space you have, the more you pay. However, your countertop installation budget isn’t just about cash; it also includes the amount of attention you can give your counters.

For example, some materials may need consistent oiling or could stain easier than others, requiring careful use. More options become available if you have time and money for future countertop care.

What Is Your Preferred Aesthetic?

Once you’ve designated your top choices, you can switch gears toward their aesthetic features. While you want an efficient countertop, it shouldn’t clash with your other kitchen features.

Many countertop materials come in various colors and patterns to fit almost any kitchen. Find the styles that match your space the most so you don’t sacrifice appearance for utility.

NorthWest Stone Fabricators Helps Build Custom Kitchens

The NorthWest Stone Fabricators team’s licensed and insured specialists supply beautiful stone surfaces for any part of a Redmond, WA, home. Want to know how to choose a countertop with the right countertop colors for white cabinets? Call NorthWest Stone Fabricators at 425-881-5100 to get over 20 years of stone surface experience on your side today.

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