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How To Protect Marble Countertops: 3 Maintenance Tips

While many property owners dream of luxurious marble countertops, the right care techniques are the only way to maximize the benefits of marble slabs. The timeless material requires maintenance to retain its irresistible shine and elegant allure.

Here, the leading countertop installation services in Redmond, WA, from NorthWest Stone Fabricators outline how to protect marble countertops to maintain your investment.

There’s No Secret For How To Protect Marble Countertops

When choosing between marble and granite countertops, it’s helpful to remember that marble is much softer than granite and requires more regular maintenance. Doing the following tips should keep those marble slabs in pristine condition for years to come:

#1 Prevention Beats Refurbishment Efforts

Decent maintenance begins with the proper prevention measures. For example, you may want to purchase products that protect your countertops, like placemats, drink coasters, cutting boards, and charger plates. 

Also, while you should avoid placing food items on kitchen counters for sanitary reasons, you should especially avoid acids or placing highly acidic foods directly on the marble. The porous surface may absorb the acid, which will dissolve certain minerals in marble and lead to stone degradation below the surface.

#2 Daily Maintenance Is Even More Beneficial in the Long Run

Inevitably, learning how to protect marble countertops involves daily care. For instance, reputable stone fabricators will always recommend cleaning your countertop immediately following cooking, cutting, and mixing foods on it. Although you might use extreme caution while you prepare food, even droplets splashing onto the surface will require immediate spill management to avoid issues.

However, when you wipe down your countertops, avoid using acidic cleaners like vinegar. Instead, keep the following cleaning supplies on hand:

  • Microfiber cloths: Regular cotton cloths or sponges damage a porous surface to create tiny scratches that harbor bacteria from food and moisture. A microfiber cloth prevents etching.
  • Gentle, natural soaps: Cleaning products commonly contain acidic ingredients like vinegar or citric acid. Rather, choose gentle cleaners with natural ingredients for daily cleaning.
  • Stone cleaner: Products formulated for cleaning stone slabs work beautifully for marble countertops. They remove scuffs, dirt, and grime while protecting the sealant. 

#3 Long-Term Protection Measures Really Do Work for Marble

Have you added periodic maintenance services from stonework professionals to your schedule? The sealant on your countertops will eventually dissolve, leaving the natural stone vulnerable to corrosive substances. 

The sealant forms a barrier between the raw materials and any food or drink spills. It also keeps the surface shiny and beautiful. Waiting more than two years between resealing services can severely damage your countertops and make them unsanitary. 

It’s best to schedule a skilled marble fabricator to seal your marble countertop annually. Quality sealants formulated especially for marble slabs do the trick.

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Like any natural stone, marble countertops stain occasionally. Thankfully, the NorthWest Stone Fabricators crew knows just how to protect marble countertops. With our products and services, you’ll have the perfect stone slab to enhance your bathroom or kitchen for decades to come. 

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Marcie Oliver