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There’s nothing more breathtaking than the natural charm and elegance of stone. From the more durable soapstone and granite to the less dense marble, there’s a place in every interior design (whether modern or rustic) for these high-quality elements. If you’re leaning more toward the latter material but wonder about benefits and optimal placement, trust the number one marble stone supplier in Seattle, WA. 

Our team at NorthWest Stone Fabricators works from the ground up on every project. Our family-owned and -operated team of designers converses with you to uncover the appropriate look and materials before trusting our fabricators to produce and cut the durable stone. However, the consultation starts here as we help you determine if a marble stone selection is best for your home.

Why Choose Marble Stone?

For centuries, this natural stone has proven a top choice among sculptors and interior designers alike because of its durability not only during its lifetime but throughout the reshaping process. 

Marble, which comprises dolomite and limestone that unify under the extreme and constant pressure within the earth’s crust, are fine-grained, allowing for minute detail engraving without jagged edges. That means our fabricators can manipulate the marble slab into any design shape and sand it for an unbelievably smooth and polished surface. 

This metamorphic rock, although classically known for its white and gray hues that blend into any modern or minimalistic style, comes in an abundance of colors. However, to many residents’ surprise, the color schemes also include rich reds and blues and deep browns and blacks that originate from:

  • Impurities like iron oxide and feldspar
  • Heat and pressure within the earth that alter the carbonate material structure
  • The amount of time the material sat within the earth

Keeping Marble Safe

While aesthetics make marble a top choice for individuals, it’s one of the least durable stone options since it’s softer, ranking a three on the Mohs hardness scale. Its malleability is another reason it’s popular among sculptures, but that also means it chips and cracks on kitchen countertops and bathroom vanities effortlessly, so semi-annual to annual sealings become necessary. 

Our marble stone supplier in Seattle understands that while heat-resistant, marble etching and other imperfections occur, so we’ll implement one of our numerous protective options according to your preferences. Recently, we’ve incorporated Antolini’s Azerocare, which provides etch and acid protection for up to 12 hours.

Where to Install Marble Slabs in Your Home

Countertops, islands, and vanities serve as your bathroom and kitchen’s main pieces of “furniture.” Choosing a quality natural marble slab gives these surfaces an air of elegance, raising property value and aesthetics. With dozens of patterns and colors to choose from when considering surface options, you can match your existing interior design effortlessly. 

You can also add marble tiles to your backsplash, accent walls, and islands for a pulled-together appearance that always promises a mirror-like finish. With appropriate maintenance from your natural stone supplier, your marble surfaces will look brand new for up to a lifetime.

For the Biggest Stone Selection in the Greater Seattle Area

Stone selection is a difficult task that can contribute to your natural household flow or contrast from it displeasingly. Rather than hope the colors and materials you admire in showrooms and catalogs match your interior design, let our professional family-owned and operated company do the heavy lifting, literally. 

We’ll consult you on the best options for your home and install them so you won’t have to lift a finger. Call us at 425-881-5100 for unique slabs from NorthWest Stone Fabricators, your top marble stone supplier in Seattle, WA!

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