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Should You Consider Countertop Restoration or Replacement?

If you’re thinking about countertop restoration to spruce up your bathroom or kitchen, you’re not alone. Many homeowners choose to refresh their countertops to enhance the look and functionality of the two most-used rooms in any house. Still, the question about replacing the countertops over getting a bathroom or kitchen countertop overlay remains.

As one of the top countertop installation contractors serving the Seattle, WA, area, North West Stone Fabricators understands how overwhelming it can be to choose between refinishing and replacing countertops. Here, we provide helpful advice to make the decision easier for you. 

Reasons To Refinish Existing Countertops 

Refinishing, a countertop restoration process, involves the application of a dense, durable acrylic coating onto an existing countertop to give it a new look. Proper countertop refinishing can extend the lifespan of the surface by up to ten years with daily maintenance. You might consider this project if you’d like to experience the following benefits.

Reasonable Costs

It generally costs less to refinish countertops than to replace them. Though you’d have to purchase the acrylic coating and pay a contractor to apply it professionally to ensure a proper application, you won’t have to pay the higher costs of purchasing new countertop materials. You’d also have to account for the cost of removing your existing countertops and the new slabs’ installation. 

Speedy Process

It usually takes less than a week to refinish countertops. In some cases, like bathroom projects, it might only take a day. Replacing countertops can take several weeks due to the purchase, order, removal, and installation of materials. 

Versatile Looks

You can choose to match coating colors with your current countertops or choose a new design or color. You have more options than you might realize. Countertop finishes come in many textures and colors and can even resemble high-end materials like marble or granite

Environmental Benefits

Refinishing provides an environmentally friendly process as it produces less waste. If you’re an eco-conscious property owner, you can still give your countertops a fresh look without filling landfills with good, if not outdated, countertops. Contractors can sand out minor blemishes during the refinishing process. 

When You Should Replace Your Kitchen or Bathroom Countertops

Not all countertops are suitable for refinishing. Unless your materials include laminate, cultured marble, or tile, replacing your countertops makes the best option. Replacement also works best if you intend to completely remodel your bathroom or kitchen instead of enhancing your current countertop material’s attractiveness and durability.

If you choose countertop replacement as your home improvement project, you can enjoy these advantages over refinishing them:

  • Wide Choice Selection
  • Increased Investment Value
  • Exceptional Durability

Trust NorthWest Stone Fabricators for Your Countertop Restoration Needs

Before replacing kitchen countertops, you need a reliable countertop fabricator and supplier to ensure you have a successful home improvement project. North West Stone Fabricators has over 20 years of experience creating outstanding stone surfaces like kitchen countertops for homes and businesses throughout Seattle, WA.

We work directly with commercial business owners, contractors, homeowners, and designers to produce and install custom natural and engineered stone products. Call North West Stone Fabricators at (425) 8821-5100 to schedule your countertop restoration consultation. 

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