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8 Kitchen Countertop Trends for 2023

Kitchen countertops are a cornerstone of fashionable, serviceable kitchens. You display your entrees, side dishes, and desserts on their surfaces. They provide solid, reliable areas on which you perform your cooking techniques and other kitchen chores.

They have an important purpose in the grand scheme of any family’s kitchen operations. However, the wrong choice can also cause a kitchen’s overarching aesthetic to fall apart. Throughout our countertop installation services, our team at NorthWest Stone Fabricators sees kitchen countertop trends that come, go, and stick around. We developed a list of growing trends you ought to consider that combine versatility with lasting aesthetic impact.

Quartz is among the main preferences for materials. Homeowners love how it enhances other natural elements within a modern kitchen. You can purchase a quartz countertop in various colors, each option matched to your personal taste.

Some of the most popular quartz colors you’ll find on the market include:

  • Silestone Blanco Maple: A classy option that ranges from a creamy off-white to shades featuring a subtle rosy tint. This quartz option has a mosaic appearance with mottled pieces scattered throughout the surface. 
  • Forum Carrara Supreme: This popular choice bears a striking resemblance to classic, timeless marble countertops. It ranges from gleaming white to muted, light gray and features deeper gray veins that spread throughout the countertop’s surface. 
  • Silestone Eternal Calacatta Gold: This quartz style also boasts a resemblance to marble countertops. However, Silestone Eternal Calacatta Gold features a bright white base with broader, more subtle veins adding texture to its surface. 

You can shop a diverse inventory of other quartz countertops as well. Its myriad patterns and subtle pigment options complement countless kitchen designs.

#2 Quartzite

Quartz’s runner-up is quartzite, which continues to grow in popularity and may surpass quartz within the next few years. Quartzite forms when sandstone undergoes intense pressure and high temperatures. This process creates a hard, durable material that features hypnotic natural beauty.

Each quartzite countertop possesses unique qualities such as varying shades of white, gray, and black. They also display intricate, naturally formed veins that beautifully contrast the overall color. Quartzite adorns a kitchen space as both the main countertop material and an accent piece.

For example, you could choose one of many plain white cabinet countertop colors for the entire countertop surface area. But your kitchen island could feature a contrasting slab of quartzite that demands attention and deepens the area’s textures. This contrast creates personal distinction without going overboard on new decor or kitchen appliances.

#3 Granite

Although quartz and quartzite have increased in popularity, granite still remains a reliable preference for many homeowners. This natural material can accentuate any kitchen space with its countless variations.

Some of the more dramatic and ornamental options you might encounter include:

  • Silver cloud: This granite pattern features a primarily light-colored background, often light gray to white. Dark gray or black veins ripple across the lighter shades, creating an unmatched embellishment for your kitchen.
  • White ornamental: Dark flecks that oscillate between gray, brown, and black mottle of soft white surface. This speckled effect offers a playful allure that mesmerizes visitors. 
  • White ice: This option works perfectly for homeowners who want to add a touch of extravagance without all the extra drama. Mottles and veins collide across a light-colored surface for a more muted approach to marbling. 

Since each of these patterns comes in varying shades, you can select one that blends immaculately with your current kitchen decor.

#4 Thicker Slabs

Thick slab selections are among the more recent kitchen countertop trends. This recent aesthetic choice harkens a more elegant, decorative appearance. While it doesn’t have any practical benefits, it does intensify the textures represented within your kitchen space.

#5 Color Contrasts

Do you wrestle with making a final decision on your countertop material? Not to worry —your indecision is currently en vogue.

If you have kitchen islands or other isolated counters separated from your main counter space, capitalize on it by picking two of your favorite countertop styles. For example, many homeowners use a subtler, more muted countertop for the primary stretch of counter. They embellish isolated areas with a more ornate material that features contrasting colors.

Some people even use countertop material to accentuate areas besides isolated counters. Installing a countertop that diverges from your backsplash tile can add depth and structure that no other kitchen will feature. You can also use countertop material along the siding of your kitchen island if the structure allows.

#6 Versatile Kitchen Counters

More and more, homeowners take the wealth of advice supplied by remodeling service providers on the internet. Thus, they take practical function into account now more than ever. Although trendy aesthetics greatly influence a homeowner’s final decision, they also want a material that lasts.

As you shop for desirable countertop materials and styles, keep versatility and durability at the forefront of your search. Quality countertops should resist damage, be easy to clean, and provide a sanitary surface free from pores or scratches where bacteria can hide and flourish.

#7 Easy Maintenance

Work, family, and an endless list of chores demand your attention. You shouldn’t have to think twice about how well you cleaned your countertop or whether it will keep its integrity over the years.

While attractive, marble and similar materials have high-maintenance needs. Quartz or granite, on the other hand, requires comparatively little maintenance. Simply disinfect the surface with a quality cleanser, wipe it down, and go about your business.

#8 Concrete Falls Out of Favor

Concrete countertops maintained their popularity for years. Concrete provided an artfully industrial aesthetic that you could easily personalize with various finishes. However, it has fallen out of favor recently due to its high-maintenance requirements and damage proneness.

Make Your Favorite Kitchen Countertop Trends Come to Life with NorthWest Stone Fabricators

Choosing a countertop is an adventure that opens up new avenues of possibilities for kitchen redesign. Get a team that specializes in kitchen countertop trends to help you pick a fashionable countertop that lasts. At NorthWest Stone Fabricators, we can help you make a decision that elevates your kitchen’s beauty. Call 425-881-5100 to learn more about our services.

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