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A Homeowner’s Guide to Countertop Edge Styles

If you’ve never designed a kitchen before, you may not even realize that there are different countertop edge styles to choose from. The style you pick depends on your personal aesthetic, the mood you want to set for your kitchen, and whether or not you have small children in your home. The last thing you want is for your toddler to end up with a forehead injury from running into a sharp corner.

NorthWest Stone Fabricators is Redmond’s trusted countertop installation company. We can guide you through the process of selecting countertops for your outdoor kitchen so you can find low-maintenance, durable options to elevate your outdoor living space.

This post will discuss types of countertop edge styles to help you choose the best option for your home.

There are a handful of countertop edge styles to choose from. Some are simple and classic, and others are more intricate.

Eased Edges

Eased edges are smooth and have soft corners. Their simple design makes them perfect for small spaces where intricate edge work would make the space feel cluttered. They are budget-friendly and easy to keep clean.

Square Edges

Contemporary kitchens have sharp, clean lines that make your kitchen look high-end without spending a ton of money. Square edges are more likely to chip with heavy use, so think about how you use your kitchen before you choose this option.

Beveled Edges

There are many ways to customize beveled edges. Bevel just the top edge or the top and bottom for a different look that suits your style. Beveled edges are slightly more expensive than simpler countertop edge styles, but they are easy to keep clean.

Mitered Edges

Mitered edges take square edges one step further. Mitered edge countertops fuse together a top and side slab, making them look like one solid piece. They are a great way to make your kitchen look high-end without a complete remodeling job.

Bullnose Edges

Soft, rounded, bullnose edges look great on countertops made from granite or marble. They have rounded upper and lower edges, almost forming a semi-circle on the edge of your cabinets. Since they don’t have sharp corners, they are perfect for homes with small children.

Half Bullnose Edges

If you love the look of bullnose edges but worry about cleaning up spills, half bullnose edges are a great choice. With a rounded top edge of countertops and a 90-degree bottom edge, spilled liquid drips to the floor instead of running underneath the edge like with bullnose edges.

Put the Finishing Touches on Your Custom Countertops

From eased edges to half bullnose ones, there are a ton of choices to consider. Not every edge style works with every countertop material. If you aren’t sure which countertop edge styles are the best for your home, NorthWest Stone Fabricators in Redmond, WA, can help. Our team can help with all aspects of kitchen design, including helping you choose the best countertop colors for cherry cabinets.

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Marcie Oliver