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Can You Put New Countertop Over an Old Countertop?

Your kitchen countertops create one of the room’s primary focal points, so they can have a serious impact on the room’s aesthetics. If you plan to start a home improvement project to spruce up the kitchen, you might think about kitchen countertop replacement. But can you put a new countertop over an old countertop? 

Countertop installation is a specialty of North West Stone Fabricators in Seattle, WA. Here, we share details about installing countertop overlays over existing countertops to refresh any kitchen design. 

Countertop Overlays

Can you put a new countertop over an old countertop? The answer is yes, with a countertop overlay. An overlay refers to an artificial material that goes over an existing countertop to form a fresh new surface. It gives the countertop and the room a new look while adding extra durability to the structure.

Continue reading for some considerations to learn before deciding to get a countertop overlay. 


It can take about two weeks to complete a countertop overlay project from start to finish, but it varies according to the countertop material, location, and size. Still, all projects start with measurements of the countertop area. Once you have your measurements, you can contact a contractor or authorized countertop supplier to visit your home to take more precise measurements and order the materials. 

After fabricators receive your order, they will build the overlay based on the measurements and your selected materials. The technicians will take about one day to install the overlay onto your current countertops after disconnecting all plumbing. 


The price for an overlay depends on the material you choose. For instance, granite overlays can cost up to $60 per slab. Still, the overlay cost makes a more cost-effective option than replacing the countertop entirely due to using a thinner material and the savings from not having to demolish and remove the current countertop material.

Overlay Materials

Some of the best overlay materials to consider for your countertop include:

  • Granite
  • Quartz
  • Laminate
  • Concrete

When choosing your new countertop surface material, consider its visual appeal and how it’ll blend with your kitchen design. Other factors to help determine the ideal overlay material include whether your new surface will be scratch and heat resistant, its affordability, and its durability.

Advantages and Disadvantages

A key benefit of countertop restoration using overlays stems from the fast installation. Though it can take over a week to finish, it’s still quicker than countertop replacement. It also makes a more affordable and eco-friendly option. Unfortunately, countertop overlays aren’t always available because few companies offer them. 

Turn to NorthWest Stone Fabricators for Your New Countertops

With a professional countertop overlay from North West Stone Fabricators, you can put to rest the debate about “Can you put a new countertop over an old countertop?” Our company makes and installs many high-quality countertop materials for designers, contractors, and homeowners throughout the Seattle, WA, area. We handle all fabrications in our shop with advanced CNC machines to help customers get their perfect stone countertops. 

Call (425) 881-5100 to request a consultation with North West Stone Fabricators for your countertop restoration project.

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