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8 Considerations Before Replacing Kitchen Countertops

According to a recent report by the National Association of Realtors, the cost recovery for a kitchen upgrade is over 65%. Since kitchen countertops help provide the room’s visual appeal and functionality, countertop installation services make an excellent choice for upgrading a kitchen. Still, many factors go into replacing kitchen countertops to ensure their long lifespan, beauty, functionality, and cost effectiveness.

NorthWest Stone Fabricators is one of the top companies specializing in restoring countertops in the Seattle, WA, area. If you want to replace countertops in your kitchen to remodel the room and maximize your return on investment, consult our helpful guide below. 

1. Sink Configuration

Replacing a kitchen countertop with enough space for a sink might seem simple, but it requires many considerations. Your existing sink might sit too low or too high to accommodate your new countertops. If the countertops are taller than your older ones, the sink drainpipe might fall too short, leaving your sink without adequate plumbing. 

You don’t always have to replace the sink when getting new countertops. Still, you should factor in the sink’s measurements and plumbing requirements to ensure your new materials will fit the space perfectly. Otherwise, you’ll need to install a new sink. 

2. Cabinet Quality

Homeowners interested in replacing kitchen countertops often overlook their cabinets when doing this home improvement project. Cabinets and countertops go hand in hand. Though the features don’t have to match materials or colors, they should complement each other to create a cohesive design. 

You should also consider the state of your cabinets. Think of replacing cabinetry if they:

  • Look old
  • Seem worn
  • Appear outdated
  • Lack sufficient space
  • Don’t match the kitchen’s design or layout

If your cabinets are not in the best condition or don’t complement your desired aesthetic, you should consider replacing the kitchen cabinetry and countertops at the same time. Cabinet replacement can cause a mess on countertops, which you don’t want with new surfaces due to the risk of damage. Also, you can avoid paying extra installation fees by completing both projects at once. 

3. Existing Countertop Material

It might be easier to remove your countertops depending on their material. For example, some laminate counters and solid surface materials screw into their supports. The screws allow for easier installation and removal, which works well if you intend to remodel your kitchen with a relatively quick turnaround.

Unlike laminate, solid stone counters can develop pits and cracks over time, especially if you don’t maintain them well. Though you could repair some countertop materials, replacing stone surfaces makes a better option to reduce the risk of avoidable damage. 

4. Measurements

Size and measurements play a major role in countertop replacement. You want to ensure the new surfaces fit perfectly into your kitchen while accounting for plumbing, cabinetry, and layout. Taking accurate measurements will also help you determine the type of material you can afford with your countertop replacement budget. 

To measure your kitchen countertops and ensure accurate placement in your kitchen, follow these steps:

  1. Make a sketch of your kitchen to take note of countertop placements. 
  2. Note different types of countertops, like a sink countertop, kitchen island countertop, etc.
  3. Measure the depth and length of each countertop separately, then multiply the lengths and depths to determine the countertops’ area.
  4. Learn the square footage of each countertop section by dividing your measurements by 144. 

5. Backsplash

You also might consider replacing existing backsplashes between countertops and cabinets when installing new countertops. The exception to this rule is if your new countertops have a similar thickness and color to your existing ones. 

People usually replace backsplashes when replacing their kitchen counters to improve aesthetics. Updated countertops might not blend well with outdated backsplashes, especially if you choose to get new cabinetry with your counters. Leaving old backsplashes in place could create an undesirable focal point because it will draw attention away from your kitchen’s new features. 

You might also need to replace the backsplash if your new countertops are thicker than the ones you replace. An old backsplash will lie below a thicker counter and create an unnecessary cutoff on the backsplash design.

6. Lifestyle

Though all kitchen countertops require some level of maintenance, different materials will have different maintenance requirements. For example, quartz countertops consist of natural quartz stone and polymer resins to create a durable, low-maintenance surface. They don’t require sealing to protect the material, but you must regularly wipe them down to ensure a safe food preparation surface

On the other hand, natural stone countertops like granite and marble require sealants and specialized care to keep their surfaces clean and stain-free. Before replacing countertops with a high-grade material, consider its upkeep requirements and how much maintenance you can provide daily and weekly.

7. Preferences

Besides maintenance, you should also think about your preferences. Your new countertop needs to blend into your desired kitchen design perfectly. Like cabinets, counters provide a main focal point in any kitchen, so you should pick a material, color, texture, and pattern that will look great for years. 

If you have a preference for luxury, high-end materials, go with marble or granite. Solid surfaces and quartz are more suitable for a contemporary or minimalist kitchen design. 

8. Budget

Regardless of your preferences and lifestyle, it’s best not to replace your countertops with a material that’s beyond your budget. Use your measurements and work with a knowledgeable countertop installer or designer to find the best materials in your price range.

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Whether you wish to install countertops or apply a new countertop over an old countertop, North West Stone Fabricators is the company to call. We proudly serve the greater Seattle, WA, area by manufacturing and installing top-tier stone surfaces, including countertops. When replacing kitchen countertops, our team will remove the old countertop, help you pick a new sink, install upgraded faucets, and more. 

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