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If you’re updating your kitchen or bathroom with natural stones, you’re in it for an elegant appearance. However, aesthetics isn’t all you should consider, especially in these rooms that place a lot of pressure and deteriorating moisture on the material. While stone is more robust than laminates and wood, talk to your granite supplier in Seattle, WA, to discuss if granite is best and how to maintain it. 

At NorthWest Stone Fabricators in Redmond, our family-owned and -operated business has spent over a decade designing, producing, and installing unique slabs for commercial and residential estates. To learn more about why most of our customers choose granite and what you should know before selecting it yourself, trust our expertise below.

Why Choose Granite?

Under the force of 2,300 degrees Fahrenheit, smaller particles, mostly comprising feldspar and quartz, meld together to form larger igneous rocks. According to the Mohs scale of hardness, feldspar and quartz are more resistant than steel, making granite one of the most durable stones found in households today. 

That means you can take cutlery blades directly to your granite countertops without a cutting board in between and constantly wet your bathroom granite island and shower walls without fear. The surface won’t crack, chip, or scratch once you take proper precautions with appropriate installations and maintenance compliments of a qualified granite supplier in Seattle. 

With quartz and feldspar merging under high pressure within the earth’s crust, you also get an inimitable speckled appearance that provides a variety of hues, shapes, and patterns. For instance, while feldspar usually contributes a white or pink rectangular shape, bits of black-grained hornblende and sparkling gold mica contrast against it for a splash of color. 

However, no two granite slabs are the same, meaning some may have darker appearances while others highlight the lighter pink and gold splotches.

Granite Countertops

When purchasing a granite countertop, you can choose from a large selection of slabs according to your color preferences so they match your walls and floor. You can also add granite to your backsplash to create a uniform appearance. 

Since the mottled material adds natural lines and intricate slab designs, seams are undetectable, so either incorporate the granite in one wide slab piece or smaller tiles without worrying about a visible break in the surface. As a top granite supplier in Seattle, WA, we’ll remove the old countertop and backsplash, measure the surface, and cut the new piece to fit your existing area.

Granite Bathtub Surroundings

Granite is also the perfect stone for bathroom vanities, countertops, and surrounding bathtub areas like shower walls. Since the material is moisture and heat-resistant, you don’t have to worry about peeling or chipping like with Formica and other weaker products when they come in contact with water and humidity. 

However, the igneous granite material is porous, meaning liquids make their way between the grains and stains if you’re not careful. Like your granite kitchen countertop, sealing the surface every one to two years allows liquids to flow off rather than absorb into the material. 

If you enjoy a glass of wine in the bathtub or other drinks while you’re getting ready or constantly wash dye from your hair, ensure these products don’t irreversibly stain your new bathroom by contacting our natural stone suppliers.

For Granite Slabs Unlike Any Other

Our stone suppliers use the latest and most advanced equipment to design and cut unique slabs for your space. Once our knowledgeable and experienced installers set the slabs in your kitchen or bathroom, we’ll encourage you to reach out regularly for resealing to keep the surface in quality condition. Call our team at NorthWest Stone Fabricators, your top granite supplier in Seattle, WA, at 425-881-5100 today!

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