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Why Precious Stone Countertops Are Worth the Investment

When it comes to your kitchen and bathroom countertops, you need a durable, easy-to-maintain, and cost-effective material. While materials like ceramic tile or laminate are budget friendly, they are not as durable as gemstone or natural stone countertops. 

Discover what makes precious stone countertops a worthwhile investment for your home and all the benefits you can expect by installing this high-end material. Let NorthWest Stone Fabricators, the Seattle company specializing in expert countertop installation services, explain why you should consider having gemstone countertops in your home. 

Differences in Common Countertop Materials

Before diving into any remodeling project or spending money on a brand-new countertop, it’s best to research your design options. Doing your homework gives you a better understanding of the long-term value of each material rather than just the upfront cost. Cheaper materials may seem great at first but could end up costing you more in the long run for maintenance and replacing any damaged counters. 

Below is a breakdown of some of the most popular countertop materials, including their pros and cons. 

Natural Stone

Many homeowners choose marble or granite for their countertops. These natural stones are solid options because they are durable enough to resist high heat. Natural stone gives you a wide range of design choices in color and material. 

You can install these countertops at an affordable price, though you’ll need to budget for maintenance and upkeep. Your countertops will need a sealant to prevent moisture from seeping in. Failing to keep up with this maintenance makes your countertops more prone to damage. 

Semi-Precious Gemstone

Semi-precious gemstone countertops use materials like quartz, which comes at a higher price than natural stone materials. The higher upfront cost of semi-precious stone countertops also means greater durability and lower maintenance costs since quartz is non-porous. You won’t have to worry about sealing the countertop every so often to protect it from water and food stains. 

Precious Stone

Finally, precious stone countertops are the most expensive material. They can cost over $100 per square foot due to the number of gemstones involved. These countertops frequently feature the following gemstones:

  • Amethyst
  • Tiger’s eye
  • Malachite
  • Agate

The stones bond together with resin to form a non-porous surface that is resistant to scratching. 

Precious Stone Countertops Are Ideal for Long-Term Use

Say you’re building a house you plan to live in for decades. While installing laminate countertops will save you money, you may need to replace them in a few short years since the material is highly susceptible to scratches and heat damage. A material like granite will offer more protection, but opting for a precious stone countertop guarantees many years of use.  

These countertops won’t face any damage from heat or moisture over time and don’t require preventative sealing. If you’re after a long-term investment, precious stone countertops are the perfect solution. 

They Incorporate Vibrant Colors

Your kitchen or bathroom may follow a neutral color scheme, which gives you the freedom to incorporate pops of color into your countertops. Precious gemstone countertops are great for this purpose since they usually feature a variety of materials. As a result, you may have specks of rich greens, deep purples, and warm gold on the counter.  

Your counters will become the perfect accent feature in your home for their unique design and eye-catching colors. Other countertop materials don’t offer as much variety in terms of color options. 

They Are Easy To Clean

You may think precious stone countertops are difficult to clean since they don’t have a protective sealant. However, they are quite easy to clean and maintain. All you need to keep your counters looking glossy and spotless is a pH-neutral cleaner you can wipe off with a microfiber cloth. 

Even though gemstone countertops resist scratching, you want to use non-abrasive cleaning materials to keep them in excellent condition. Give your counters a quick wipe while cleaning the rest of your kitchen or bathroom, and you’ll be able to maintain their look for decades to come.

Choose NorthWest Stone Fabricators for Quality Countertop Installation

Are you ready to reap all of the advantages of precious stone countertops? Reach out to the experts at NorthWest Stone Fabricators to learn more about our services, discuss your options, and schedule an expert installation with our team. We have a wide selection of high-end countertops to transform your kitchen or bathroom into a luxury space. 

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